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Description of happy ride wheels game

Dive into a bloody happy wheels rag-doll game and challenge any obstacles

Play happy wheels and face various obstacles that can damage your character.
Race your way through dangerous challenging paths on a deadly obstacles courses to reach the finish line safely on a rag-doll extreme sports happy wheels game with several player characters as a wheelchair man , apogo stick hopper, a father-son bike riding and more.
Feel the real physics based happy ride wheels ragdoll action game with your hand on your phone where you use your skill to manoeuvre trough every bloody level.
Go nuts, choose your favourite happy ride wheels game vehicle and take control of your happy rider character to overcome deadly challenges.
Happy wheels is about to drive safe and to go far across each level finding a way to exit alive, but remember, don't let obsctales terminate your goals witout finishing all the maps
Ride happy, master your wheels and do your best to survive in this glory game of happy wheeling bloody game.
Happy wheels game takes much patience to stay alive and a lot of blood and guts.

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Looking at the game it looks like made just by one person...well the controls are a not so bad as in the comments,good maps, the graphics is low the gore is lame I'd give it a 3-star and 1 extra for the hard work that the person atleast tried to make a game like happy wheels for mobile.... probably the game must be made before happy wheels was launched for mobile coz anyways no one would spend so much time and energy to compete with happy wheels
For those people who are saying that this is a rip-off of Happy Wheels, what's the problem in that? What's the problem if someone wishes to make a similar game? Some people said that the jump button is malfunctional, well it's totally fine for me, go check your phones. It sure not as good as Happy Wheels, but it isn't so bad that it receives a 1 star rating. The graphics are fine. Please increase the opacity of the buttons, I had trouble finding them when I first played this game.
This game is just a rip off of the actual game happy wheels. It seems like it had no actual effort put into the game, and it sure feels that way.
Absolutely THE WORST APP ON PLAY STORE!! The game controls feel sticky like you have to have your finger pressing soo hard on the screen to even move or jump the levels are horid ads literally every single time you die so my advice? Keep searching trust me you don't want this:(
It sucks!!!!... yeah it's like the real happy wheels but the graphics are trash, you can hardly see the controls to move and jump!! I highly recommend not to play this game.
This IS copyright of happy wheels and the controls and graphics suck and are hard to move around also its super laggy ! Just play happy wheels i play it on my mobile and it works way better.........
The Ms.Lara bike glitch is still here. The kid keeps glitching the bike every time I do loops

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