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Description of Reality Clash: AR Combat Game

Augmented Reality FPS

Reality Clash is the most action-packed and innovative AR shooter ever created, try it now!

Challenge friends or enemies from across the world in real time augmented reality combat. Step into a virtual reality arena and join the battle.

Reality Clash is an augmented reality FPS game where you compete in battles in unique virtual environments. Play the game in the real and virtual world: build and customise unique guns but most importantly - defeat your enemies in this ‘first of a kind’ competitive AR shooter.

Experience augmented reality as never seen before... Step through the AR Portal and enter a virtual battlefield known as ‘The Sim’ - where your movement, reactions and strategy are crucial to your success. See your friends or enemies appear as a digital avatar and compete against them to test your combat skills. Victory will grant XP and additional resources which help build powerful guns to defeat more advanced enemies.

Shoot up close or at distance with a wide range of tactical weaponry such as shotguns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, pistols, assault rifles and special weapons such as rocket launchers. You can even build the ‘Sigourney’ flamethrower!

Customise your guns in the Armoury with different skins, scopes, attachments and much more. Find the perfect weapon and take it into an AR battle. Players can prepare for battle by making use of a variety of training modes to practice moving around the virtual environment, using cover for defence, improving shooting accuracy and allowing you to develop your tactics.

Join one of the 3 powerful factions that are fighting for control of the virtual world and prepare for serious augmented reality action as you fight against friends to acquire extra resources and most importantly – glory.

Key Features
- Unparalleled use of augmented reality technology
- Move in the real world, your avatar moves in the game.
- Customisable in-game weapons and avatars
- Daily rewards and incentives
- Incredible combat animations
- Vibrant graphics
- Real time action in FPS battles
- Fight for your team against players and bots
- Earn Resources and Silver through combat
- Experience a completely new form of AR gameplay

Compatibility Support
- RealityClash is an online game, a network connection is required to play
- Android 8.0 and ARCore support required
- Optimised for smartphones
- Information current as of 1st October 2020

Reality Clash is a free-to-play game and offers optional in-game purchases.

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I used to like this game but not anymore it seems they gave up on it about the only thing they added really was advertisements in game which to me is kind of stupid... If you want people to be engaged you need to add more not add advertisements this game needs a lot of work it was fine at the beginning but now it's too boring to repetitive and quite frankly too easy.. great concept but lazy developers I'm assume money hungry......
During initial setup, after entering username and selecting tactical clothing, I click the confirm button and nothing happens.
Mobile AR Shooting game is like VR shooting game but harder. It feel good to play but I'm not sure if I'm playing against bot or actual player. Or maybe I'm just too good at the game xD.
I wish there was some kind of room scale setting that would adjust the environment of the game. Also if this was on something like a oculus quest(they are both android based) that would be really cool. I hope that this game develops a bright future.
Great game, almost everything is done right: no disruptive ads, good gameplay, almost no bugs etc. Basically what you would expect in a top game. One problem I have run into is that some crates crash your game, but that is only happening with no/little connection. Definitely sharing this game, it needs a popularity boost. Oh, and for the people who say this game is bad, PLEASE consider the time and effort put into this, it's very difficult to make something like this masterpiece. GJ devs!

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