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Description of Amazon Music: Stream and Discover Songs & Podcasts

Listen to podcasts, trending playlists, hit music and your favorite songs

Amazon Music

We’re changing the way you find and play the music and podcasts you love. Listen with your Prime membership or get more with Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon Music included with Prime
* Access 2 million songs, ad free
* Millions of podcast episodes
* Thousands of stations and top playlists
* Unlimited skips and offline listening
* Hands-free access with your favorite devices

Amazon Music Unlimited, all the above PLUS
* Access 75 million songs, ad free
* 6 million podcast episodes, including Amazon Originals
* Enjoy the latest new releases
* Stream music videos, including video playlists
* 30-Day FREE trial available to new subscribers
* Upgrade to Amazon Music HD at no extra cost with an Individual or Family Plan

Amazon Music HD
* Access 75 million songs, ad free, in the highest quality streaming audio
* Hear music the way the artist intended
* 5 million songs in Ultra HD (up to 10X+ bitrate)
* Exclusive Ultra HD remastered albums

Or listen to Amazon Music, no credit card required
* Free streaming music
* Thousands of stations
* Streaming podcasts
* Listen on your favorite device

Import your playlists
* Move existing playlists from other music platforms to Amazon Music in a few quick steps. Learn more at

My Music
* Listen to music you’ve purchased from Amazon – MP3s or AutoRip CDs/Vinyl. Your Amazon purchases are stored for free in the Amazon cloud

US Customers visit us at:
Learn More about Unlimited:
Learn More about Prime Music:

* Amazon Music Unlimited is not available in India.

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Users' Reviews

Simple format really easy to use. Absolutely any song you can think of is there. I love music and I love to fine tune my music Amazon music has the best system for The equalizer function, if a song is playing you need to adjust the sound quality to you're liking, in 2 touches you can be at The equalizer. very simple that's what I like it , very simple to understand and use.
This app will sometimes work amazingly, and then sometimes I'll be listening to a song whilst on another app on my phone and the music will stop, then it doesn't let me back on the app for 10 minutes. Also, afew months ago everything was working fine, then one day I went onto the app starting listening to music, and discovered that every time a song got to 30 seconds exactly, it would skip to another random song. Had to delete and redownload. I don't recommend this app to anyone, very unreliable
This app got significantly worse once they took the store out of it (I assume to save on the google/apple tax). On multiple occasions I was unable to play an album I just bought. It usually clears up after 24 hrs but it is really frustrating. Current example is that I just bought an album where most (but not all) the songs show up twice in my library. But one of the duplicates of each song just dorks out the app causing it to skip the entire album. Lots of other issues as well. Very frustrating.
Songs won't play so what's the point of me paying? Also, when I back to previous page after selecting a song it scrolls all the way to the top and I have to scroll back down to where I was at which is really annoying. This app gets worse and worse. Update: it keeps crashing when I open another app and I can't get back to my playlist unless I have to click go to album or artist to see the home buttons. Terrible app!
Music pauses every time a song can't play. I don't have unlimited right now so I made prime only lists of downloaded songs. Some of these won't play which is annoying enough but it pauses the music every single time it has to skip something. It's playing through a sound system on a phone across the room. I have 545 downloaded songs in my prime only Summer music list. It also buffers terribly whenever I have Wi-Fi on. It buffers a little bit when I don't.
It's an awful app when it comes to music management. I'd rate it higher if managing music was easier. Also, music that's in your offline library will just disappear even though it's still available online. If your library is extensive, good luck restoring it. For this reason I cant stand the app.
In the setup I didn't add any of the suggested artists but instead searched & selected 15+ of my favorite artists. The algorithm is spot on, as the music played is exactly what I like, although rather dated, and none from newer artists. I guess that if I want to hear more recent tracks I'll have to go premium. Anyway, excellent!
They still haven't fixed the issues that the app has suffered from since January. I've cancelled my service, Amazon obviously doesn't care about this streaming platform and now I don't as well. I'll find another way to stream/buy music. Taking 30 seconds to up to 5 MINUTES to start reacting and trying to load a song is completely unacceptable. Doesn't matter if I'm on WiFi or 5G, the results are the same between all devices. Spend your money elsewhere.
Offline music is absolutely terrible. When ever I'm not connected to network, it asks me to download music all over again. Not once not twice, every single time. Biggest frustration is when I connect back to the network it dosen't downloads automatically. I have to manually tap and download 100's of songs one at a time. ALL OVER AGAIN. Isn't Amazon supposed to have the best IT guys. Fix the issue ASAP. No wonder why NASA chose musk. 😑
Playlists are clunky, not accurate and randomly get deleted by Amazon. Many albums are incomplete even though the songs are available through the app. The Wall by Pink floyd is a good example. Look at the track list in the Amazon Music app and compare it to the track list on Google. The podcast section is a jumbled mess if you don't already know exactly what podcast you want. What's the point of online support if all they do is try to get you to call?

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