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Description of My Story: Choose Your Own Path

💕 Welcome to MY STORY, a game where you write your life! 💕

🎉 Choose hours of fun with My Story: Choose Your Own Path! 🎉

This interactive storytelling game allows you to make your own decisions and impact the story with your choices. Whether you enjoy drama, romance, comedy or fantasy, in My Story, you are the one that gets to control what happens next.

Choose a story genre and experience amazing adventures in the world of My Story! Choose a story and let the entertainment begin! Whatever you want to do, you can.

💄Roleplay as a young fashion icon in Model Undercover and make important decisions for her career; take part in a dating show and find a perfect match in Who Wants to Marry Miss Larson?; or just go for some good old high school drama in our famous story, Love, Mona. 💄

My Story library offers a variety of fun stories! The choice of genre and story is entirely yours, but the fun is guaranteed!

❗Make important decisions and change the narrative. In this fun interactive game, you can choose your own path and change the course of the story. The outcome of future chapters is entirely in your hands. Who will you choose to trust in Mortal Frenemy? How will you handle your magical new life in The Bitten Ones? Do your best to avoid the drama, or choose to confront anyone that stands in your way…
Why wait a week for the next episode of a TV series when you can find quality entertainment right here? ❗

💕Step up your dating game and control what happens in your love life. Dress up in an outfit that will impress your crush and maybe even get you a date.
Romance is everywhere in My Story – from high school crushes in Dear Mona to adult relationship drama in Bad Judgement. Go all out and spice up your love life with some seductive lingerie. Choose the most romantic path, create unforgettable moments with your favorite characters, and enjoy your love story!💕

💃Looking for a book series that will give you more fun moments? You will love the Mona series!
• Start with Dear Mona – After your first love story finishes mere moments after it started, you are left heartbroken. Few years later, you find yourself falling in love with Shawn, a bad boy with a good heart. However, when your old love returns, you need to make some difficult choices. How will your love story end?
• After Dear Mona, make your way through the chapters of Love, Mona – Follow Mona’s story from her high school days to adulthood. Navigate through teen crushes, enjoy the college parties, have adventures in Europe and much more. Enjoy the romance, live through the drama, and, in the most difficult moments, help Mona make her decisions. 💃

💌 For more intriguing love stories, check out Forbidden Fruit and The Billionaire’s Darling.
• Forbidden Fruit – A night out is just what you needed to get your mind off of college, and that good-looking guy by the bar will make it even better. Too bad he’s your chemistry professor… What will your decision be? Will you choose to pursue a romance with him or will you find another guy to date? How will you handle the drama that comes with dating your college professor? It’s really quite an unconventional love story…
• The Billionaire’s Darling – A handsome billionaire has his eye on you, a simple college girl? Sounds like every girl’s fantasy. But, when he makes you a strange offer, what path will you choose? And, what will happen when your fake romance starts turning into a real love story? Will you and Henry get through the drama and maintain your love for each other? 💌

My Story: Choose Your Own Path is constantly working on producing the most thrilling stories, getting the best authors on board, and creating an unforgettable reading experience for each reader. Our library has a story for every reader.

Download My Story: Choose Your Own Path, and start shaping your own story!

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I really like this game because I find it is more appropriate and fun then many other games such as Chapters and more. There is just one BIG problem that should get fixed as soon as possible. The problem is that prices for good answers, clothing, and more are very expensive and that would be fine if we had enough 💎 but WE DON'T and it's so hard to get them. Please revolve this issue as soon as possible. Other then that this game is AWSOME and I would recommend it to everyone! Thank You!
Dont get me wrong I LOVE this game! Its such an addicting game but there is somthing what I would LOVEE to change, "Diamonds" Its just very frustrating that we have to earn our diamonds! I would love if you guys gave us at least 1 or 2 diamonds a day! It would be very useful and alot of people would love it, just saying. Anyways apart from that it's an AMAZING game but it just needs to be fixed up a bit.. if you know what i mean. "4 stars"
The game is cute. However, only getting one diamond per level is ridiculous. If outfits cost 10 and you are expected to buy them for every event, you need to make a way to earn them. Also, the dress I did buy, never shows up again after the first time I used it. I would have paid $5 for diamonds, but only 50... I would have used those through the first story and if the outfits don't show up's wasted money.
I absolutely love this game!😁 It's fun, intriguing and once you start reading/playing you literally can't stop🤣. Every chapter ends off at a cliffhanger so you just HAVE to read the next one. My favorite story is "Dear Mona" so I would read it first. 🔥🔥Highly recommend this game 😝😝 Definently download.💩👍👍
It's not good that you only have a little controll over the story of you don't pay for diamonds. Says it's a free game, but the diamonds become pretty important to the choosing of how the story will go. Plus if you don't have diamonds the outfit choice is.pretty horrendous. Big thumbs down from me.

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