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Evaluway Trip Planner, Gas & Emission Calculator

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Description of Evaluway Trip Planner, Gas & Emission Calculator

Select best route, save money, fuel, and reduce your car carbon emissions

Reduce your car carbon emissions, save fuel and money with Evaluway — the first (and only) route planner that gives you a pre-departure listing of the best routes to maximize fuel efficiency, cut down on co2 emissions, and predict your fuel usage 🌳 ☀️

Evaluway is the only app on the market that uses predictive technology to analyze each route, providing the user with accurate and instantaneous, real-time traffic information to ensure that every journey you take is fuel-efficient, error-free and quick.

Getting started is simple
You’ll be on your way to your destination with just three easy steps:

1. Vehicle selection🚕
No need for manual entry, simply select your vehicle information from the provided catalog.

2. Route selection🚦
To receive instant details on time, fuel efficiency, and co2 emissions, enter your start and end point into the route optimizer.

3. Fuel and currency selection⛽️+💰
Enter fuel type, metric, exact price, and select your desired currency.

Done!💥 You’re ready to go; it’s that easy

Now all you have to do is just follow the colorful hearts…

💙 The Blue Heart represents travel time and distance: fastest and/or shortest route to your final destination.

The Orange Heart represents fuel units and cost: which route is the most economical.

💚The Green Heart represents your CO2 emissions: which route is the most ecologically friendly.

Evaluway is a must-have trip planner for rideshare drivers (Uber/Lyft), delivery drivers, real estate agents, and any environmentally conscious drivers who want to save fuel, money and the planet.

🔑Key Features
Whether it’s a road trip, daily commute, or delivery service — Evaluway is a must-have road trip planner for any driver. Use our route planner to save fuel, money and cut down on emissions.

Here’s what we can offer you:

📈Route Planning: Use this route maker to Save up to 20% on a single city trip with fuel-efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly routes.

⛽️Gas Mileage Calculator: Evaluway's unique solution combines real-time traffic information with fuel economy data to add valuable metrics to your route planning. Unlike other apps on the market (where important data is only available after your road trip), Evaluway is predictive – you’ll get a detailed estimate the second you input your information into this road trip planner. Simply use the route planner to select the cheapest, fastest or greenest route before you start driving. You can even use this route calculator to avoid toll roads! ⛔️

📒Route Optimization With Privacy: Use this route trip tracker to monitor your fuel consumption, driving costs and carbon emissions based on the route calculator results. Easily track multiple vehicles and choose between business and personal account settings. After your journey, use this route planner app to simply view, sort and export your reports in CSV and PDF formats for further processing. Unlike other route optimization apps that record, store and sell customer data, with Evaluway, we respect the privacy of our customers — you have our word, your data is for your eyes only.

♻️Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Feel empowered with the information at your fingertips to select the greenest route to your destination using this trip planner. Clearly view and understand the beneficial factors surrounding each route and see your total carbon footprint in the reporting section by using the gas trip calculator.

Another one of this route maker’s best features is that it’s highly affordable. Not only will you save money by lowering your fuel usage (via the gas mileage calculator) and avoiding toll roads (via the toll calculator); couple that with the low app-cost and you’ll be swimming in extra money.

Monthly Subscription: $5,99
Six Months: $29.99 ($4.99 per months, save 20%)
12 Months: $35.99 ($2.99 per month, save 50%)

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