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Description of textPlus: Free Text & Calls

FREE SMS Texting, Picture Messaging, Calls and Voicemail. Unlimited!

Call and message your friends with a real phone number - no phone service required! SMS text any US or Canada number or call worldwide.

#1 free text and call app with a local phone number of your choice.
Send and receive unlimited sms / text / MMS / group messages to anyone in the US or Canada.
Ad-supported or cheap local & international calling - you choose how to call!

textPlus is the ONLY app where keeping in touch is made simple, cheap and hassle free.

textPlus also lets you do more:

- Turn your tablet into a phone for free texting and calling with a real US number!
- Great for keeping in touch with family/friends in the US / Canada while traveling abroad
- Group texting / message / send MMS & SMS
- Toll-free calling from anywhere in the world with no restrictions!
- Unlimited free inbound calling and calls - your friends can always reach you
- Access your chat and call history on any device with free cloud hosting
- Save tons of money on your mobile plan

Yes - no fees to send unlimited SMS messages and you can earn credits to place a call (inbound calls are completely FREE).

The app comes with a few ads. If you don't like ads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them.

Great SMS phone alternative for:

- anyone needing a second number for work / privacy
- kids
- seniors
- travelers to and from the US
- anyone looking to save money on cell phone bills.



- Full picture messaging (MMS): send, receive and save pictures
- Customizable text-tone, ringtone & vibration
- Customizable themes
- Quick Reply to easily (and quickly) respond to friends
- Unified inbox: send and receive your texts directly via any device as your one-stop SMS texting app!
- Real SMS texting and calling: text and call ANY phone that accepts SMS texting, and ANY phone for calling.
- Voicemail
- Works over WiFi or data

Questions? Email [email protected]

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Users' Reviews

It seemed to go well, at first. I thought wifi calls were free, but I had to pay $1 for 50mins. 1. After typing a (.), the app should auto create a cap. letter. 2. My first few calls went through. I'm still in the same room, but my next four calls were stalled in the Dialing phase, then disconnected. 3. The last call didn't disconnect. I didn't know this until I tried making another call but I couldn't, AND I COULDN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO END THAT OTHER CALL! HOW do I end calls I cannot even see?
I installed on Saturday , got phone number, collected money and used it text. Four days later on Wednesday, the system removed my money, my phone number and pushed back the date of my text messages to 10 days prior to me even downloading this app When trying to send a message in the system it gave me an automated answer. This is a scam app Do not use.
This app is so weird. I have it DL'd to 2 different androids, and both have different features that either work or don't. 1 plays ads so I can get some extra cash to use, but doesnt play vm. My other has no ads to play, but I can get vm. And the strangest issue... a couple weeks ago, 1 phone said my number was canceled due to lack of use...I complained of course since I pay $.10/mo to keep the #. They wouldnt refund & said my # is gone. I chkd my other phone today... my # is back.🤷‍♀️
This is the worst app ever. I can't answer phone calls or even see who's calling most of the time and then I can't make phone calls cause it keeps saying can't make two phone calls at once which makes no sense at all cause I can't even make the first phone call. I answer the phone and can't hear the person on the other end. And sometimes while making a call it doesn't even ring. Please help me fix this thanks
There are a lot of ads. I cannot receive any messages. When I call people I cannot hear them, and when people call me there is no way to answer the call and no way to listen to voicemail. I put in a support ticket but have not heard anything back.

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